Friday, March 9, 2012


1.Content Objective-- Be able to work together with all Princeton Basketball Coaches, asynchronous or
2. Implementation-- I would want to implement this info this Spring and Summer with all the high
school coaches in Texas.
3. Tools to be used-- Skype would be an excellent way to get info out in a synchronous way. I would
love to use Google Docs and work in a asynchronous way.
4. A brief Description-- I would love to have a place where coaches with the same offensive
philosophy (Princeton) could get together and share ideas. Have a bulletin
Board for questions to be answered, Videos to show the action, Diagrams
where the play is broken down and why we do what we do. On certain days
we could all get in front of a computer and talk X's and O's. Right now we all
meet at Memorial and talk. Some come from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and

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