Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TOOLS #3 Blinkx is definitely a way to show videos in my Leadership class.  Using Youtube has the commercials and I am not a fan of that.  Being able to use Youtube for Basketball with all the clips is great though.  Being able to use copyright material is great as long as i follow the rules. I never thought I couldn't use it without paying a license fee. Dropbox is a great tool so that I do not have to worry about flash drives, multiple computers or damage to one or many. I always have the info no matter where I go. Its in Dropbox and being backed up constantly.

Monday, February 27, 2012


I am sure that this is very useful, I just don't have enough understanding of how it will help me.  I also think this could be something I could do over the summer, not given to me in the middle of my season, then expect it to be done so quickly.  So now I will just fly through it just so that I get it done. As for sharing my advice publicly,,,,,,, not to high on that one either.  I love the interaction with people not through a computer. 
I will continue to visit places like to get ideas.


Getting Started!!!!!